Growing up in Drogheda, I remember frequently being told that it's a 'Grey Town'. Historically, it's known as the 'walled town'. In 2017, I started photographing the numerous greyscale walls in the central town area. I wanted to take a closer look.


01, Jim Garry Way 

02, Jim Garry Way

03/Diptych, Left: Bathelors Lane. Right: Francis St

04, Jim Garry Way

05, Dyer St

06, Diptych, Left: Marsh Rd, Right: Palace St

07, Laurence St

08, Diptych, Left & Right: Merchants Quays

09, Jim Garry Way

10, Constitution Hill

11, Diptych, Left & Right: Marsh Rd

12, Diptych,  Left: Constitution Hill, Right: Merchants Quays

13, Chord Rd

14, Mayoralty St

15, King St, (The Wall of my House)

The above video is a look inside a handmade prototype photobook of 'GreyTown' that I produced with the designers at 'Read That Image' in 2018. 

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