Hi there,  My name is Jason McCarthy and I like to take pictures of people and places, mostly in my hometown and place of birth, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.   I'm also a believer in Christ and I've come to see that His presence in my life is all that matters.   

Connect with me  

Email.  contact@jasonmccarthy.ie

Office Address.  Unit 7, The Mill Hub, Link Road, Greenhills, Drogheda, Co.Louth


About My Journey In Photography


After leaving secondary school at an early age, I began photography in 2003 whilst attending Drogheda Youthreach.  My art teacher at the time encouraged my artistic potential so she gave me various art books.  At the forefront of the disciplines, I found photography through a book by Craigie Horsfield that stood out to me.  It contained a series of profound black and white images.  I still remember the impact it had on me.  I never saw images of that strength and depth before.  I decided from that moment that I wanted to create pictures like his, so I bought my first camera and began to experiment with the medium.  At this time, music was something I was pursuing ahead of photography.  I mainly produced ambient electronic. I would spend endless hours experimenting with synths and acoustic instruments but this slowly started to fade as photography took it's place.  

In the early years of my photography practice, I was drawn to isolated and abandoned sites.  As well as from a photographic point of view, I was also attracted to the strange atmosphere of such locations. Being alone in an uninhabited space does something for the soul; it's an escape from the everyday routine.  Even now, 12 years on from when I began my journey with my camera; I still enjoy exploring secluded and desolate places.

I quickly started to develop my art in a diametrically different direction.  I began to do fashion photography.  I did some work with model agencies, designers, and editorials.  Some of my work featured in high-profile publications like The Irish Times and The Sunday Business Post.  I discovered fairly promptly that there wasn't consistent work in this sector of photography, and in turn, I searched out other areas.  I began to assist an excellent, well-known Irish commercial photographer named Peter Rowen who later became a close friend.  I gradually learned new skills and gained a greater understanding of the business through him.  Shortly after meeting Peter in 2012, I started to do commercial work myself, and this is when photography became a full-time profession for me.

Commercial work became my new source of income but it didn't deter my artistic endeavours. I have a keen eye for photogenic attributes so I naturally found myself approaching people that I saw who possessed such qualities and most of the subjects in my work diary are these people. It's not easy to walk up to a stranger and ask them 'Can I take a picture of you?'  Most people find that odd and understandably so!  However, the passion I had to develop portraiture outweighed my fears.  Portrait sessions to me are probably the greatest joy of the craft, engaging with people in simplicity, then getting a beautiful portrait at the end of the conversation.  

Should you wish to be a part of a conversation with me, please email me.  I'd be delighted to hear from you.