Hi there,  My name is Jason McCarthy and I like to take pictures of people and places, mostly in my hometown and place of birth, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.   I'm also a believer in Christ and his presence in my life is what matters to me most. 


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Email.  contact@jasonmccarthy.ie

Address.  Unit 7, The Mill, Link Road, Greenhills, Drogheda, Co.Louth


About My Journey In Photography

After leaving secondary school at an early age, I began photography in 2004 whilst attending Drogheda Youthreach. My art teacher at the time encouraged my artistic potential so she gave me various art books.  At the forefront of the disciplines, I found photography through a book by Craigie Horsfield.  It contained a series of strong black and white images that impacted me.  I never saw images like that before.  I decided from that moment that I wanted to create pictures like his, so I bought my first camera and began to experiment with the medium.
In the early years of my photography practice, I was drawn to isolated and abandoned sites.  Years later, I started to develop my art in a different direction.  I began to do fashion photography.  I worked with model agencies, designers, and editorials. Some of my work featured in high-profile publications like The Irish Times and The Sunday Business Post.  

Lately, I spend most of my time using my camera for commercial projects and in turn; my artistic work has slowed down. However, my passion and love for photography haven't diminished in any way.  Going forward, Id like to work towards creating an artistic body of work that I can display in a well-executed photo-book.  I love photo books and to me, there the best way to experience photographs.  I’m in no rush to achieve this goal though, as creating good can't be rushed.


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